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Little Scoopers

Ages 3-6 | Boys & Girls (For Girls Clinics, visit

Little Scoopers is designed to introduce preschoolers to the “FUN” in the fundamentals of the great game of lacrosse. The program is open to boys & girls ages 3-6 with a goal of teaching the basics in a fun and engaging way. Children will be provided a solid foundation with the intent to graduate to the K-5 Clinic Team that includes full equipment and small sided game play. The Little Scoopers Program will include flexible rolling admission so students can join at any point during the year. The $400 tuition would include unlimited classes until which time the player ages out or graduates to the K-5 Clinic Team. Upon completion of the Little Scoopers Program, each player will be acknowledged in a graduation ceremony that can be posted on social media highlighting their accomplishment.

K-5 Clinics

Grades K-5 | Boys & Girls (For Girls Clinics, visit

Our K-3 clinics are designed as the next step along with our training platform. These clinics are run by directors and coaches as we begin to prepare our athletes towards the goal of playing on a Rebels team. Drills will focus on the skills and IQ sides of the fundamentals of lacrosse. Players will be split up by age and skill level. Once ready, players will be invited to play on our training teams (see below) which will include access to all K-3 clinics. 

Rising Rebels

Grades K-3 | Boys & Girls (For Girls Training Teams, visit

Our training team is designed for players looking to get a little bit more than just a weekly clinic, but aren't quite ready to be placed on a tournament team.  All training team members will receive access to all K-3 Clinics, an additional 1-2 practices and training sessions each week, and intra-squad scrimmages during the summer months. This is your last step before trying out and/or being placed on a tournament team. 

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