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Rebels Take Over At Spring Jam Tournament

This past weekend at the Spring Jam Tournament in Greenvale, NY, Rebels Lacrosse Club & Rebels LC East teams competed throughout all grad years/divisions. At the end of the day, 7 championships were won by Rebels teams, capping off a massively successful weekend for the boys in red.

Our younger teams kicked off the winning on Saturday, with Rebels teams taking home a championship in each of the 5 grad years competing that day. In the 2023 division, the Rebels LC 2033 Seahawks took home the championship, winning their 2nd in as many weekends. Our 2033 age group as a whole has been very successful adding to a 2033 undefeated championship at the Penguin Invitational a few weeks back.

The 2032 Arrows had a solid 2-1 showing against some good competition, while the 32/33 East Lions team advanced to the finals and showed tremendous improvement over the past few months. In the end, the 2032 Seahawks team won the championship in a tough 1 goal battle vs the Rebels East Lions team.

The 2031 division was loaded with Rebels teams. The 2031 Stealth were undefeated champs in the blue division, while 3 more Rebels teams competed in the red division. The 2032 Archers, playing a year up, took home the championship, while the 2031 East Raiders played very well and advanced to the semi-finals. They are constantly improving and we are very excited to see them continue to develop. Our 2031 Riot team also went 2-1 this weekend and just missed qualifying for the playoffs based on a tiebreaker.

Our 2030 East Warriors battled hard all the way to an undefeated championship in the Red division. This team works really hard and continues to take steps forward and get to the next level. The 2030 Aces & 2029 Sting teams battled hard against some top competition, while the 2029 Eagles went 2-1, and the 2029 East Storm went a perfect 5-0 on the day, taking home a championship of their own.

Our older grad years took the field on Sunday, as the 2026 East Flyers won the final Rebels championship of the weekend. The 2028 Wolves and 2027 United teams were finalists in their respective divisions, while the 2028 East Hydra and 2027 East Badgers teams both went 2-1, just missing out on the playoffs.

All in all, 7 championships were won by Rebels teams this weekend, marking a tremendous weekend for the organization. Interested in joining the Rebels? Find more information below about how you can become a Rebel:


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